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John Young jya at
Thu Jul 24 10:34:13 PDT 2003

The rights of property owners, especially commercial property,
are not as absolute as sometimes argued. Due to the public
services provided by governmental authorities, tax perqs not
the least, property owners are required to abide a diverse range
of laws and regulations to provide assurance that people on the
property are safe. These people include the property owner,
family members, employees, customers and others who may
not be capable of judging what is safe.

Similarly, retail property owners are obliged to provide assurances
to customers that they are safe as prescribed by zoning, building
and health codes. To be sure there is a lucrative industry of 
professionals who advise property owners how to skirt these
requirements -- public relations mongers, lobbyists, lawyers, 
zoning consultants, architects, engineers, planners, politicians, 
so-called public interest groups, bribers, liars, cheaters, the mob, 
whores, pimps, and so on. Most of these are lightly or unregulated, 
even those ostensibly licensed to protect the public interest are
happy to front for those whose only interest is criminal profit.

Keep this in mind: whenever someone argues for the right to
do what they want on their property they are blowing shit in your
face while picking your pocket and placing you and your beloved
mongrels in danger through a smart-ass range of distancing, exculpatory
mechanisms, not least several of the constitutional amendments 
which were set up for just that purpose by the original continental
landscape thieves and which are forever being updated to keep the 
our-screw-you-laws-are-fair-laws racket running smoothly. 

Thanks to two centuries of warping law and culture to bias stolen
property owners, no property owner takes full risk these days,
but some will have you killed if you question that, that's what the
justice and national security mob is paid handsomely to enforce.

Department of Homeland Security looks to be the greatest ever
privacy and property expropriation since the national security apparatus
was set up after WW2, stolen from the public in the name of protecting it, 
given over to the homesec contractors, mediated by the homesec 
slicksters. "Homeland" is the false positive, as was "national defense."

>I happen to agree with those who said that since he was on private property 
>the property owners had every right to boot him off. I just think you 
>should do a little more fact-checking before you post.

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