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Sat Jul 19 18:14:30 PDT 2003

Yes supposedly, he went out to one of his regular walks and was found with
a slash wrist.  Something I'd imagine someone bent on offing themselves
would have a) a reason to do it (and be depressed or showing signs of
something being wrong), b) wouldn't go out on their normal walk which
they'd do every day, c) would do it in their home, or some place private,
and d) would have a note, e) would have left a will, f) be giving
away money and possessions to others ahead of time, etc...

Where was the knife, or razor or whatever "he used?"  Was
the cut done in a way that he could have done it himself?  I think I
remember it was on his left wrist, but am not sure, if so, was he a
righty, etc....

The normal walk is a very good indicator of just what "this" was.  
Someone who wanted to kill him could easily use this as a predictable
pattern as to when and where to grab him and kill him.  Maybe he was
drugged so he wouldn't struggle and be able to get help before getting his
wrist slashed, etc.

This was extremely badly done, regardless of how many "independent
inquiries" Mr. Blair launches to cover it up^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H investigate
it, it's very blatant, and unbelieveable.  I'd tend to agree that this was
done to send a message out, and the suicide and "inquiry" B.S. will be
about as useful as the JFK assasination board, with far less of a media
eye on it.

Either way, Blair's credibility with the whole Iraq and Nukes is
fucked. This "suicide" adds a huge dark streak to his career...  Then
again, he might just be as Slick as Willie, and Mr. Kelly could become
another Vince Foster...  time will tell...

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On Sat, 19 Jul 2003, John Young wrote:

> Perhaps a suicide but if so it was induced by Kelly's treatment,
> not only by the goofus members of parliament, but more likely
> by the Ministry of Defence threatening to punish him for violation
> of the draconian Official Secrets Act.

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