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Tue Jul 22 06:37:59 PDT 2003

I'd very much like to see the archives in a downloadable


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> On Monday 21 July 2003 19:49, someone wrote:
> >   Can you make the raw mbox archive available, or do you have that? 
> > If it's less than about 200 meg, I can also receive it as an
> > attachment, if you're sadistic with your mail server.
> Let me think about it, and maybe ask some of the list members. The HTML 
> that appears on the web page is sanitized a bit to prevent address 
> harvesting. Not that c-punks' addresses are that hard to obtain other 
> ways, but when I started the archive several people emphatically stated 
> that they wanted the sanitizing.
> Maybe I'll write a short script to sanitize the addresses in the mbox. 
> That'll take a while to develop, to make sure I don't miss anything and 
> because my spare time is limited for the next month and a half.
> If I do make the mboxes available, they'll be available as .gz's off my 
> top cypherpunks page. I'll post to the list if I do it.
> List members: any preferences?
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