Encrypted hard drive enclosure for $139

Michael Shields shields at msrl.com
Tue Feb 4 08:11:39 PST 2003

In article < at idiom.com>,
Bill Stewart <bill.stewart at POBOX.COM> wrote:
> Now, 712 Mbit/sec is about 90 MByte/sec, which means if it
> were doing 3DES, it'd probably be about 30 MByte/sec,
> which is no longer fast enough to be entertaining.

Yes, it is.  Despite the disk manufacturers' intentionally misleading
spec sheets, most hard disks are not very much faster than 30 MB/s.
For example, the new Barracuda V transfers between 23 and 44 MB/s,
depending on where on the disk you read from.

Even if the disk were infinitely fast, the Firewire interface is
limited to 50 MB/s.

I think this product would be extremely useful, if it is trustable.

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