Encrypted hard drive enclosure for $139

Lucky Green shamrock at cypherpunks.to
Sat Feb 1 19:33:16 PST 2003

Declan wrote:
> http://fwdepot.com/thestore/product_info.php?products_id=331
> http://www.del 
> trontech.com/Enclosure/E3S/E3S.htm
> Interesting, but I'm confused about the "Real-time 64-bit/ 
> 40-bit DES (Data 
> Encryption Standard) Encryption/ Decryption with throughput 
> of 712Mbit/ sec"
> Does anyone know about a stronger version of a similar device?

This looks very similar to the dLock device.

Perhaps they are using the same ASIC? If so, the product is pure crap.
Based on conversations that I had with the booth staff at the last RSA
conference, the dLock employs DES and 3DES in ECB mode. Meaning the
ciphertext on disk can be broken with the most trivial of cryptanalysis.


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