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Blanc blancw at cnw.com
Sun Nov 24 04:18:02 PST 2002

How sort of amusing it is to read this, from the site:  "It is not
sufficient that we put the pieces together after the fact, it is essential
that we understand terrorist plans ahead of time so that we may prevent or

Yet how many times have I heard & read in the news, sometime after an
earth-shaking criminal event, of the warnings received, alarm notices given,
or notice taken of strangely suspicious activities which preceded and
foretold of the upcoming event. It often seems that advance notice has been
practically dropped in the lap of those who were in position to deal with
it.  Yet the ones receiving these info bits were not able to process the
data so as to realize there was something heinous and destructive in the
works. Or if they were able to grok these data bits, they could not get
others in the defense business to make the connection, to take the items
seriously enough to follow up on them, or to be able to select, out of the
mountains of data they already receive, the ones of impending significance.

"DARPA is in a position to take high risks and think boldly about what can
be done to solve this national problem."

To expect that crime will be prevented or preempted ahead of time by people
who are not able to grok the meaning of what they get?  It cannot be the
computer base, which needs a monumental overhaul of its "cognitive
amplification functions".  It seems that some problems are too easy when it
only requires simple real-time connectivity, and too easy to miss - but if
they are made to appear harder, requiring "boldness" (courage) and "high
risk" (responsibility), then certain official organizations can be made to
appear to be attending to, now, what they did not/could not, before.  And
still they continue to place exceeding dependence upon the machine.

It also does seem that someone is creating the opportunity for a
"monumental" position for themselves, laying the ground work for a hierarchy
of personal control and self-aggrandizing importance.


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