Torture done correctly is a terminal process

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Thu Nov 21 09:33:39 PST 2002

At 06:34 PM 11/20/2002 -0800, Lucky Green wrote:
>I recently obtained an illuminating recording of a speech by a judge
>sitting on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which was given before the
>San Francisco Commonwealth Club. In said recording, the honorable judge
>proposes the issuance of formal federal torture warrants. The reader may
>or may not take comfort in the fact that the honorable judge firmly
>insists that the needles he proposes to be inserted under the
>fingernails of suspects should be sterile.
>Clearly, at least hygiene has progressed in the last 300 years.

To flesh this out a little more - the judge was Stephen Trott, speaking on
September 18 2002 at the Commonwealth Club. Trott credits the torture
warrant idea to Alan Dershowitz, whom he describes as a good friend and a
"great civil libertarian".

Edited transcripts and a RealAudio recording of Trott's speech are
available at 
<> -
Trott's discussion (and apparent endorsement) of torture begins at
about 16:28 into the audio, and again during the Q&A session.

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