OPPOSE THE WAR! We are going to ruin Iraq to get the oil. Who's next?

GaryJeffers at aol.com GaryJeffers at aol.com
Wed Nov 13 14:33:11 PST 2002

       OPPOSE THE WAR! We are going to ruin Iraq to get the oil. Who's next?

My fellow Cypherpunks,

   The purpose of the coming Iraq war is to steal their oil. After we get 
Iraq oil, which arab country
is next? If U. State can get away with the theft of Iraq, then why not just 
keep on stealing?

 The beneficiaries of this war are:

1. United State: This has a double benefit. A. The U.S. (as a (w)hole) is 
bankrupt on paper and our economy is going to hell. Stealing the Arabian oil 
fields will stave off a U.S. collapse for at least several years. B. The U.S. 
State (im)proper. In various ways, U State will get more powerful and richer 
from this.

2. Corporations, connected. They will benefit both from war expenditures and 
from associating
with the oil.

3. The ruling elite families. They will get even richer from the oil money 
funneled from the chosen
corporations. Also, as the State gets power, they get power.

4. The Zionists. Israel will probably get more land and oil fields unless the 
treacherous Bush 
family betrays them.  The Israeli Jews will probably just suffer. The ruling 
Elites really don't 
care about their sponsors :-(  Well, at least the Jews will get a symbolic 
victory :-)

   For proofs and more information visit the excellent site:


Yours Truly,
Gary Jeffers

and the ruling elites.
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