CDR: Re: A secure voting protocol

Tim May tcmay at
Tue Nov 14 13:55:34 PST 2000

At 3:47 PM -0500 11/14/00, Harmon Seaver wrote:
>  > Also, if you want to get high tech, use a fluorescent dye mixed
>>  with DMSO. It'll penetrate deep into the skin, and be visible under
>>  UV (no cosmetic objections). I suspect it'd take weeks to wear off.
>       Can't imagine mixing dye with DMSO -- if you've ever played with
>DMSO, you'd know that putting a little anywhere on your skin brings it
>into your mouth, and everywhere else in your body, within seconds. You can
>taste it almost immediately, and any chemical combined with it is also
>carried throughout the body, which is often not a good idea.
>      But the dye-dipped finger is a good idea, which would also negate the
>need for those little "I voted" badges.

Now _there's_ a good reason.


--Tim May
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