CDR: Re: A secure voting protocol

Harmon Seaver hseaver at
Tue Nov 14 12:47:20 PST 2000

> Also, if you want to get high tech, use a fluorescent dye mixed 
> with DMSO. It'll penetrate deep into the skin, and be visible under
> UV (no cosmetic objections). I suspect it'd take weeks to wear off.

      Can't imagine mixing dye with DMSO -- if you've ever played with
DMSO, you'd know that putting a little anywhere on your skin brings it
into your mouth, and everywhere else in your body, within seconds. You can
taste it almost immediately, and any chemical combined with it is also
carried throughout the body, which is often not a good idea. 
     But the dye-dipped finger is a good idea, which would also negate the
need for those little "I voted" badges.  

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