CDR: Re: 2:15 am, Eastern Time--The Election Train Wreck

petro petro at
Sun Nov 12 02:29:04 PST 2000

>On Sat, 11 Nov 2000, Tim May wrote:
>>  What a cluster fuck. Punch drunk, dazed burrowcrats triggering this
>>  train wreck.
>>  I will not forget this week, and not forget watching this latest
>>  event live, as it happened. Kind of the the "moon landing" of
>>  political train wrecks.
>What I don't understand is why you are not laughing your ass off!

	Bush winning is bad, AlGore winning is worse. This insane 
infighting over the spoils is too much to stomach.

	It really doesn't matter which one wins, the damage is done. 
There is significantly less faith in the *voting* system this week 
than there was 7 days ago. This will mean even more trouble--more 
shitbags calling for "direct democracy" (hint folks, the problem 
isn't the electoral college it's a broken fucked up corrupt 
*balloting* system) more scum trying to fuck with the constitution or 
insisting that it be ignored.

	I'm not laughing because I really don't *want* to die in a fire-fight.
A quote from Petro's Archives:
"Despite almost every experience I've ever had with federal 
authority, I keep imagining its competence."
John Perry Barlow

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