CDR: Re: 2:15 am, Eastern Time--The Election Train Wreck

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at
Sun Nov 12 22:50:49 PST 2000

At 02:29 AM 11/12/00 -0800, petro wrote:
>	Bush winning is bad, AlGore winning is worse. This insane 
>infighting over the spoils is too much to stomach.

I disagree.  The House and the Senate will be Republican,
or at least nearly so.  
Al Gore with a 100-vote Florida plurality would have an extremely 
difficult time getting things accomplished in that environment.
(Considering what Al wants to accomplish, that's probably good,
especially since first priority is It's Still The Economy, Stupid.)
George W. with a 100-vote Florida plurality and a minority
popular vote position (with Gore and also Nader to the left of him)
would get no respect at all, but would have a Republican Congress
to make it much easier to accomplish things.  I don't *want*
the military-industrial complex rebuilt (though Nader says that
AlGore likes them as much as Bush does.)  Other than small tax cuts,
nothing I've heard Bush suggest doing sounds worthwhile,
and he does plan to spend more of your money even though he 
acknowledges that it's yours.  Also, Bush would be under immense
pressure to prove he's not a wimp, so he'd go do something
decisive and Presidential as soon as possible, which is not a good
thing to have lightweights doing.
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