Eurorepression update.

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Thu May 13 06:37:40 PDT 1999

At a demo during the recent No Borders protest camp in Strasbourg (SchNEWS 
366) Ahmed Meguini, co-founder of the French anti-racist group Mouvement 
Spontane (Spontaneous Movement), was violently arrested, receiving a broken 
wrist from the French riot squad. From his arrest on 24th July to his trial 
date on 21st August, Ahmed was held in solitary confinement, which meant, 
amongst other things, he was not allowed to receive visitors. At his trial, 
Ahmed was sentenced to 8 months but luckily 5 of these will be probation 
which means he will be out in 3months. He also received a fine of 700 Euros 
(£500). Incidentally Ahmed was the only person from the No Borders camp who 
was locked up the entire time before his trial and the charges against him 
were the heaviest. This Saturday (24th Aug) there will be a benefit to help 
pay his fines at the Radical Dairy, 47 Kynaston Rd, Stoke Newington, 
London, with food and DJs.
Crap Arrest of the Week For being Ash-Holes! 17 people were arrested 
earlier this year during a protest against incinerated waste being shipped 
to the Danish island of Langoya. They bared their bums in a collective 
moonie with the words ASH HOLES spelt out on their backsides. 
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Justice? * The 'Fair Justice For All campaign' which represents the 
families of people imprisoned after the Bradford riots last year (SchNEWS 
313) are holding a rally on bank holiday Monday outside the city court 
house. They are protesting against harsh sentences given to 94 people 
convicted of riot, people such as Istifar Iqbal, who received 11 months for 
picking up, but not throwing, two stones and Ashraf Hussain, who got four 
years for throwing three stones. Campaigners contrasted the length of the 
sentences with maximum terms of 18 months given to white youths who rioted 
on the Ravenscliffe estate the day after the disturbances in Bradford. This 
'special treatment' is also reflected in the team that was appointed to 
look into the causes of last years riots. Muslims on the community cohesion 
review team told one member of the review team "At the first team meeting 
we were informed our purpose was not to focus on any one community, but to 
look for solutions to bring communities together. This was disappointing, 
as I felt that the specific issues of the Muslim community needed to be 
investigated and dealt with. Often Muslim participants would tell me in 
private of their frustration with this review. When I asked why they didn't 
speak up at the meetings they answered: "What's the point? They're not 
going to listen."

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