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White House Writers Group
White House Writers Group consists of former White House speechwriters who 
provide a range of communication services including speech writing; 
drafting and placing opinion-editorials; writing and staging presentations; 
and planning and strategy.
GlobalOptions Inc., headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a 
multi-disciplinary, international, risk management and business 
intelligence company. Our staff of professionals includes former 
intelligence and law enforcement officers, veterans of America's elite 
military units, and legal and crisis communications specialists.
We provide a broad spectrum of unique services and innovative solutions to 
commercial, government, and individual clients. Never before have all these 
services been assembled under a single umbrella to provide a comprehensive 
approach to solving difficult business and government problems.
Recent assignments include the protection of fissile material in Russia, 
corporate crisis management, the recovery of assets, due diligence in major 
merger and acquisition (M&A) cases, undercover investigations of NAFTA 
violations, and coordination of all legal defense efforts associated with 
the largest civil RICO action in U.S. history.
GlobalOptions' Advisory Board is chaired by former Chairman of the Joint 
Chiefs of Staff, Admiral William Crowe, and is comprised of many 
distinguished individuals, including a former CIA Director, a former 
British Trade Minister, and a number of retired ambassadors and military 
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