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Hi there...http://www.asial.com.au/
"...The Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank has estimated that 
the overall cost of the September 11 attacks to the U.S. economy was 
between $100-$125 billion, or one percent of the nation's GDP. Over the 
next decade government and the private sector combined will spend somewhere 
between $500 billion and $1 trillion dollars on homeland security. This 
figure could be even significantly higher if the U.S. experiences 
additional major terrorist attacks in the coming months and years.
Among the areas projected to enjoy the greatest growth potential in the 
security sector are biometric systems, business continuity systems and 
services, aviation security, chem-bio defence, and new technologies for 
non-invasive inspection of containers and other cargo. Construction 
security is also booming.
Dr. Livingstone (pictured right) Chairman & CEO of GlobalOptions, author 
and world-renowned crisis management expert will be presenting at the 
Security 2002 conference.
More info on Security 2002 conference More info on Dr. Livingstone
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