Collect through station T,pump defector(s) for information.Eyes only.

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Sat May 1 21:49:04 PDT 1999
The device features a 'RED s bus' allowing it to interface with any data 
equipment on the crypto input side without additional ISDN interfacing 
equipment. Data and voice calls can be made via the Red-S-Bus. Calls are 
established via the terminal equipment connected to the LECTOR Red-S-Bus. 
Generally, the user is not required to operate any of the LECTOR manual 
controls when making or receiving Red-S-Bus calls, Red-S-Bus calls require 
the use of a STK or SuperSTK and entry of a PIN.
The S-Bus standard (1.420) allows a LECTOR to have up to eight terminal 
equipments connected to the Red-S-Bus port. However, it is suggested that 
no more than four terminal equipments are connected to a LECTOR to reduce 
the possibility of terminal equipment access problems.
Click here for the .pdf datasheet (609kbytes)
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