Brian Regan,a scalp for the NSA?

Matthew X profrv at
Sat May 1 15:19:46 PDT 1999

"Several countries abandoned Crypto AG but failed to ensure secrecy. The 
Libyans switched to Gretag units after the NSA cited secret communications 
to allege Libyan involvement in the 1986 La Belle disco bombing in West 
Berlin. One senior US official said the fact that the Libyans were making 
their codes more difficult to crack would "make our job tougher." But the 
NSA seemed to have the Gretag base covered as well. According to one 
knowledgeable cryptographic industry expert, NSA's program to co-opt the 
services of encryption manufactures probably extends to all those within 
reach of NSA operatives."
So how was Regan blown anyway?
If the fix wasn't in then TEMPEST/intercepts are another possibility or a 
defector/double agent.The least likely scenario?Possibly the one presented 
in court.

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