Straight out of CATO.

Matthew X profrv at
Sat May 1 16:29:59 PDT 1999

 >>I'm surprised the article didn't complain about John Young's efforts:<<

I'm surprised Mr McCatohead is surprised because he should know by now that 
cryptome is widely mirrored.If he didn't know that he would be an 
incompetent imbecile.
If he did know then he is only surprised about the articles seeming naivete 
and wanting to appear superior 'dobs jya in', or 'gives him a plug,' take 
your pick.As jya has described our man in CATO as a canary,the 1st 
possibility seems a safe bet.
Declan could be the death of cypherpunks but it'll be a marvelous book deal.

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