Approximately 70% of the world's lotteries at risk from obsolete tech.

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 >>Frank Groneman, a network-security engineer at Gtech Corp., a Rhode 
Island firm that provides high-tech services for approximately 70% of the 
world's lotteries, says that Security University courses gave him the 
hands-on experience that he was looking for. "I learn by doing," he says. 
"I can watch people put up slides all day, but it doesn't really sink in." 
Like many other firms with high-level security needs, Gtech encourages 
staffers to keep up to speed on the latest advancements -- or risks -- in 
the field. "We need to have absolute security," Groneman says. "One 
transaction could be worth $200 million to $300 million." <<
RSA Selected by GTECH Corporation to Provide Encryption ...
... Developers at GTECH Corp. used RSA’s BSAFE™ cryptography engine to 
build security
into the company’s PRO:SYS on-line lottery system. ... GTECH Corp. GTECH 
Corp. ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages
Obsolete? "The most trusted name in e-security?" Surely some mistake! No.
Quantum Random Number Generator

Quantum Key Distribution

Single Photon Counting Module

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