Distributed,Open Source and Deadly.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Fri Apr 30 16:44:34 PDT 1999

"We think the APster CryptoS is extremely attractive," Proffr Rat said. 
"(People ask), 'Is APster ready for primetime? Can I trust it is reliable 
enough and fast enough?' With clusterfuckers, it's fast enough. And with 
clusters, there's no single point of failure. If you lose one rodent, you 
have three left. APster is suddenly unbreakable, suddenly more reliable."
Although APster is huge, "nobody looks at the cryptoS Beta and says, 'Wow, 
that's tech done right.' They say, 'That's tech for idiots,' and our kids 
will want a lot more."
Another tester of the e-mint module,CJD,warned PR,"Careful bending over in 
the shower to pick up the SOAP."However the easiest to use and fastest 
app,WILE,the remailer,has had no complaints so far,(well,maybe one from an 
east coast net loon,something about clones dna) No serious drawbacks.
As last minute work progresses on the GUI,(something like the intro to 
I-war) the air is dense with geekspeak spiced with a dash of federalese. 
There's talk about encryption and nonrepudiation, digital signatures and 
biometrics, and more acronyms than you'll find in a bowl of alphabet soup: 
PKI, VPN, CHAP, TACACS,SOAP. All this for the highly anticipated 
destruction of the DOD and the DOJ, the FBI and the NSA! Two out of three 
rats carry cryptosporydium (a cause of gastroenteritis); only
slightly less common are salmonella, listeria (which causes septicaemia and 
shrubs disease,lupus disseminata.Al Zeihmer works for us so why play with 
palladium when your cruising with cryptoS?

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