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The DoD wants to blind and burn you individually,no more Hiroshimas...maybe.
US DoD push for laser, microwave weapons
In its FY 2004 Defence Planning Guidance, the US Department of Defense 
calls on the US Air Force (USAF) to plan for directed-energy (DE) weapons 
within a decade. Industry officials say the technology exists to support 
those plans.
F-35 nosecone blueprints now available on blacknet,btw.
In Sydney thousands marched against the rogue terror State...,5478,4877601%255E421,00.html
If your 747 feels warm when you get on it may be a short least 
one passenger noted that the cabin was hotter than normal prior to 
In the swings and roundabouts of deals with tyrannies,au lost a billion or 
so in Iraq wheat and gained 25 in a natural gas deal with China.
APster; who do you want to kill today?
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