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Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Thu Apr 29 13:39:50 PDT 1999

Spy chief flees to Australia

A MYSTERY Middle-Eastern buyer of $50 million of prime Brisbane real estate 
has been identified as Bahrain's fugitive deputy head of intelligence, 
sought by Interpol for fraud.			
Colonel Adel Jassim Felaifel this year fled to Australia from Bahrain, 
where he feared for his life because of political reforms.
Searches show firms associated with him own property including the 
Queensland Government's old Family Services building in Brisbane and the 
former FAI Insurance Building - a $50 million portfolio.
But two international figures - Omar Ali Babtain, president and chief 
executive of United Medical Group, and Khalid Bin Nasser Bin Abdulla Al 
Misnad, president of the Misnad Group, an international trading and 
building company - have lodged an application in Queensland's Supreme Court 
challenging Mr Felaifel's ownership of the Brisbane sites.
In court documents Mr Felaifel has detailed his role from 1979-2000 as head 
of Bahrain's Security Intelligence Service "Shia section".
"I investigated accusations of such political crimes, using normal police 
procedures, and questioned people accused of these crimes," Mr Felaifel said.
But he strongly denied allegations of torture made against him in a court 
Court documents say Interpol sought Mr Felaifel's arrest on a request from 
the Bahrain Government on May 20.
Mr Babtain's affidavit said Mr Felaifel has a former wife and three small 
children in Bahrain, a wife and children in Sweden, a relationship with a 
former Gulf Air stewardess, an Australian national, and another Gulf Air 
stewardess "wife", Brisbane-born Anne Cherie Windsor, who owns five 
Queensland properties.
Mr Babtain said Mr Felaifel sold him and Mr Misnad properties in the Middle 
East but never transferred the contracts. The two allege their money funded 
his Australian purchases.
Mr Felaifel denies wrongdoing and says he is owed $25 million in debts. He 
said political circumstances in his country changed when the king died in 
"His son introduced political reforms, including freedom of political 
expression, and released political detainees."
Mr Felaifel felt he had to leave the country for his safety on May 2 this year.

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