Trei makes headlines.Yay peter!

Matthew X profrv at
Thu Apr 29 13:58:50 PDT 1999
Despite published reports of the "untimely demise" of Trei, a northern 
snakehead on display at Pagano's Seafood, the fish is alive and well and 
gobbling up goldfish by the handful, owner Kris Drumgold said yesterday.
Apparently giving new meaning to the snakehead's nickname, Frankenfish, 
Trei was swimming menacingly with the goldfish yesterday morning, just 
hours after a Norwalk newspaper hit the stands with a front page story that 
pronounced the fish dead of "broken gills."
About two weeks ago, Trei, one of 28 species of Chinese snakeheads capable 
of walking on land and surviving out of water for days, was put on display 
in the Scribner Avenue seafood store.
Snakeheads have been reviled in the news since they were discovered in a 
pond in Maryland and a lake in North Carolina. Biologists fear the 
snakeheads, which have no known predators, are capable of cleaning out 
ponds and streams of other species of fish and wriggling over dry land into 
new areas to eat more.
Unlike the lead character in Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein," Trei was 
not brought back to life, Drumgold said. The fish unwittingly took part in 
his own "staged death" for a store clerk.
As a practical joke, Drumgold said he faked Trei's demise by filleting a 
fish that looked like him and presenting it to the clerk, who then reported 
to the Norwalk newspaper that the fish had died.
It is illegal to possess snakeheads in 13 states, and U.S. Interior 
Secretary Gale Norton has proposed a federal ban on importing live 
snakeheads into the country. They are legal to own in Connecticut and Mass, 
but it is illegal to release them.
The state Department of Environmental Protection is looking at a possible 
ban of the razor-toothed creature, said Rick Jacobson, assistant director 
for inland fisheries at DEP. 

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