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Freedom Insurance
by Warren Tilson
Recently in the almost hallowed pages of the not yet venerable web site, two articles have appeared that may point the way to gain a 
free society now.
Robert Vroman's Assassination Politics and Andy Stow's defense agency 
articles are both influences for what I am about to describe. I should 
point out that I am unalterably opposed, on moral grounds, to Assassination 
Politics. This opposition is beyond the scope of this article so I will not 
go into it here. There is however an aspect of AP that appeals to me and 
that is the naming of a freedom offending individual and asking other 
individuals to act in a certain way towards that individual.
Stow's article describes a decentralized defense agency/society that will 
get you out of statist caused trouble provided you are a member. Even to 
the point of using combat troops to enable your escape from a prison if it 
should come to that. This is a great idea and I think it holds some promise 
even if there are some technical issues that have to be worked out.
What I am proposing is a system of insurance that if you are arrested on 
some political crime (gun law, drug law, sex law, tax law, immigration law, 
or commercial law etc. violation) lawyers will be dispatched as well as 
activists and propagandists.
The lawyers are there to use whatever legal tactics they can to keep your 
life from getting worse, i.e. they would get you out of jail and act as a 
shield between you and the state's employees. This is no different than 
what lawyers are supposed to do now, however our lawyers will have an 
ideological bond with the person they are defending so there will be more 
agreement on tactics and a vision of the ultimate goal which many 
lawyer-client relationships lack now.
Civil Rights lawyers will also be sent to make sure it becomes a Civil 
Rights issue by suing the arresting agency, its employees and all sundry 
agencies, and their employees that are involved.
The activists and propagandists are there simply to stir up non-violent 
trouble. Their purpose is to organize protests, run ads in the local media, 
appear on local talk shows, hand out fliers, discuss jury nullification, 
hold workshops and engage in civil disobedience. These things sometimes 
happen in a controversial case but it is usually an ad hoc arrangement that 
may lack focus, strong leadership and the resources to stay committed.
If you own Freedom Insurance and you are arrested for something your policy 
covers you are guaranteed that allies and sympathizers will be on the 
scene, coming to your aid within 24 hours. It does not matter how small the 
issue, you call – they come.
One of the first things that the activist will do is find out all they can 
about the arresting officer(s) and the prosecutor. They will then organize 
peaceful protests at the residences of these people, the ads will mention 
these people by name and ask if they know anything about freedom or the 
Constitution or their oaths to the Constitution. In addition their families 
will be sought out and asked questions such as: "Do you support your 
husband when he violates the rights of others?" "Did you know your daughter 
was acting illegally and in violation of the Constitution she has sworn to 
The idea here is to get it in to the heads of the people who enforce these 
laws that it just is too much trouble to bother with. Arrest someone with 
an FI card and he is looking at months of living hell for him and his 
family and friends. After awhile, if this idea is successful the mere 
presence of a FI bumper sticker will get the driver of that vehicle a pass 
or the owner of that store a pass or that prostitute a pass and so on. The 
more that cops lay off FI policy holders will ensure that more and more 
people will join and in this way the state will be undercut.
As people realize that the police have no will to enforce evil laws those 
laws will be disobeyed by millions. If what usually happens when a people 
are free to go about their business we will see a massive increase in the 
standard of living with all the usual happiness that follows from that.
After awhile this might very well evolve into Stow's Defense Agency and 
from there the state will be halfway into the grave.
Of course (another nod to AP) it should be pointed out that all the main 
offices and computer servers will be located outside of the USA and all 
communication will take place with the aid of encryption.
Let's give it a push: become a Freedom Insurance owner today. Call the home 
office for a representative near you.
August 9, 2002
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