Positive crap.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Wed Apr 28 20:14:21 PDT 1999

Positive SchNEWS 'Land and Future' is the world's first guide for tribal 
people, with information on how tribes around the world can secure their 
lands and way of life. It advises tribes on how to conduct a campaign when 
faced with the invasion of their lands by nasty oil companies, loggers and 
colonists, and offers tips on their rights under international law, and how 
to secure them. The book is going to be printed in many languages and there 
are plans for it be sent out to the remotest parts of the world. 
Crap Arrest of the Week For travelling in the same car! In Iran the Basiji 
(the Islamic police force) routinely stop cars playing forbidden Western 
music, and if unmarried women are found in the company of men, they are 
arrested and charged with moral corruption! Single women can be subjected 
to humiliating virginity tests, and if they fail they are given the option 
of marrying their companion or being flogged for having extramarital sex. 

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