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Russia: Subliminal media manipulation? Russia's Deputy Media Minister 
Valerii Sirozhenko has announced that his agency has set up special devices 
capable of detecting the illegal use of the so-called "25th frame" to send 
subliminal messages to television viewers, Russian agencies reported.
Sirozhenko claimed that many channels use the 25th frame, and if such usage 
is proven by the new equipment, they will be subject to stiff fines or the 
revocation of their broadcasting licenses. He also mentioned that the 
practice was used in the Soviet era "for unclear reasons."
On June 27 Sirazhenko warned "some TV stations" who his office "know are 
using subliminal" advertising. Sirazhenko says has only been once case of a 
television station being caught. Two years ago, reported the Moscow Times, 
the Press Ministry said Yekaterinburg broadcaster ATN was trying to 
mesmeriee its viewers with an undetectable "watch only ATN" command.
According to popular legend, in the 1950s, tests in cinemas in the United 
States using an undetectable 25th frame with an advertising slogan, such as 
"eat popcorn, drink Coke" resulted in significant increases in consumption 
of both. Movies recorded on film are normally shown at 24 frames per 
second, the speed with which the human eye recognizes fluent motion
The concept of so-called 'subliminal advertising' has been widely deried in 
recent years, though the practice, effective or otherwise, is still illegal 
in Russia and the US.
RFE Radio Liberty report. 'urban legends' pages on subliminal advertising.
The row over subliminal advertising during the 2000 US presidential elections.

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