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Thu Apr 15 05:58:56 PDT 1999

Subject: Sugardaddy slams suitcase pimps.

Dave Cummings Writes: I applaud your intent to expose the "Scumbags in the 
Industry". It seems to have gotten a lot worse these past couple of years, 
perhaps somewhat due to guys obtaining digital cameras and camcorders and 
thinking that they can use them to con girls and/or get laid. Some scumbags 
seem to have fallen for their own wishful fantasy that any porn girl 
walking down the street will surely want to suck each and every cock she 
can find along the way --- because adult actresses are a cross-section of 
society, not many fit the mold that many scumbags falsely believe in.
I hope you can find a way to legally (i.e., without subjecting you or your 
sources to slander/libel suits) get the names of the scumbags, and how they 
operate, listed publicly so that the girls will have an "ombudsman" place 
on your site to check so they can steer away from such predators! Your 
intended project is very necessary and I hope you will vigorously pursue 
it; and, rather than merely a one-time posting of accumulated input form 
the girls and others, I hope that continuing updates will ensue 
indefinitely. Thanks for looking out for the women of our Industry!
Paul Flashburn Writes: I'm getting ready to write my first shoot piece over 
the weekend regarding scumbag #1. At the same time, I think it's important 
to praise people in the industry who are class acts as well for a bit of 
the old yin and yang. I have no problem writing about people with whom I've 
had personal experiences with or verified by numerous sources. But the 
people of the adult industry have to take a stand and be willing to voice 
their dealings with people and let it be known. Don't be the silent 
majority. Speak up and have the courage to do so. If it's based on 
experience, these 'public figures' can't hide behind vague threats of 
lawsuits without making them look more idiotic in the long run.
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