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Shit,I hope I dont get into trouble for saying that...or looking at 

Wanker Wang Posts: That fucking Skeeter Kerkove is a fucking psychotic 
motherfucker. Not only does he look like a member of the Hell's Angels but 
he somehow manages to get his girls to perform some of the most revolting, 
vile sex positions I've ever seen. Check out the thumbnails above to see 
how he uses a modified, self-hogtied, throat fuck position on poor little 
Ashley Blue there. I'm fucking sick to my stomach. You want to puke? Visit 
this nutcase's insanity at http://www.bridgettekerkove.com.
It gets worse...
Bridgette Kerkove Has Baby Girl; Signs Python Deal

One-time performer of the year Bridgette Kerkove is productive both on and 
off camera. Last Sunday Bridgette

gave birth to a baby girl Kaylynn Ashley. Bridgette was at Nikita Denise's 
house when she went into labor. Bridgette isn't back from the hospital yet 
so we took an opportunity to chat with Skeeter Kerkove
Gene: What's cooking now that we don't have Harry at Metro to kick around 
any more.
Skeeter: I don't know. He's gone but I'm still shooting my filth, doing 
double anals, d.p.'s and love stories like that- anal fistings.
Gene: You just sent me some pretty wild pix
Skeeter: They're from my last shoot for Metro- Skeeter Kerkove's Teen 
Patrol 2. We're going for the young look, and there's some serious 
ass-fucking, cause everything I shoot is anal. I just love girls' butts. I 
just want to squeeze 'em and love 'em.
Gene: Us real men do.
Skeeter: That's right. And every girl gets a fist up the ass. We've had all 
kinds of love stories- beer bottles, and lit candles and clothespins on the 
nipples. This new one stars Ashley Blue, Melanie, Julianna, Flick Shagwell 
and Ashley Long. The only girl who didn't get a fist in her butt was Flick. 
But I had her very busy in a d.p. with Erik Everhard and Manual. The last 
time I filmed her she had done it. We just wanted to do something different 
this time. I had Flick on two little 12x12 plastic tables in the hogtied 
position with Erik Everhard plowing down in her ass with Manual getting his 
b.j. Then they'd switch around and keep the ATM machine going. Use your ATM 
machine whenever you have the opportunity. It don't cost nothing.
Gene: You're doing the anals with these girls hogtied?
Skeeter: Yes. It's a tricky position but once the guys get going it's 
Gene: That pushes the boundaries because you're mixing sex with a hint of 
Skeeter: Yeah, and I like it because when was the last time you saw this 
position done. This is giving me my little trademarked thing where I'm 
having all the girls do this.
Gene: The content of what you're doing seems so atypical of Metro.
Skeeter: Yes, and that's what helps make it a better love story. It's a 
whole different trip. But why I also get out of it- believe it or not- is a 
really good cable version. We get all of that done in 16 minutes with a 
lovely striptease, some French kissing and two sex positions. Then we're 
ready for insanity. I also use Mark Davis in every movie. Tom Byron likes 
doing that and there's a reason for it because that's the type of performer 
Davis is. And I finally got Erik Everhard which made me happy. Alex Sanders 
and Jay Ashley have also been just wonderful. I use jay Ashley in every 
single movie- no matter what I need him to do he does it the whole time 
with rock, solid wood. These guys just tear it up. Sam over at Metro has 
been so totally cool with me, he lets me do whatever I want. I'm doing two 
lines a month for them now and will probable be starting a third one when 
Bridgette gets back. I want to do an interracial line. I love that more 
than anything. If you remember in 1999 Bridgette did more interracial than 
anybody. She was doing Lex and Byron Long and Mark Anthony every chance she 
could get.
We also signed a contract with Python last week for a Bridgette Kerkove 
licensing agreement to sell the bkmax.com product of movies that Bridgette 
and I own exclusively- like Bridgette Kerkove's Bedtime Stories, Pussy 
Playground, Bubblegum Bimbos- so we're excited about that. I'll put her 
name out there on hundreds of websites. And her toy deal with Forbidden 
Fruit is going real good. It's just such an expensive toy that they're 
going to wholesale it out more.
Gene: You're brand new daughter's got a built-in porn name. So what's going 
to happen if one of these days one of your daughters comes up to you and 
says she wants to do porno. What would you tell her.
Skeeter: I would cry. Just like I would if they told me they went to get a 
tattoo. That's one thing- I don't want any of my children to get a tattoo.
Makes the Osbornes kinda look like ozzie and harriet doesn't it?
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