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Data Fellows Ltd.  Media Release

For immediate release
28 April 1998

A Prominent Scandinavian Telephone Operator Invests in Data Security 

Helsinki, Finland, April 28, 1998  -- Data Fellows, a leading provider of
Internet security solutions, has made a deal with the largest private
telephone company in Finland.  Helsinki Telephone Corporation has bought
F-Secure SSH to enhance the security of its Kolumbus Internet services over
public networks. Kolumbus is one of the largest providers of commercial
Internet services in Finland.

"Data security is a highly important consideration for us," says Mr. Vesa
Perttunen, Development Manager from Helsinki Telephone Corporation,
Kolumbus Services. "We evaluated the data security products available on
the market, and F-Secure SSH was the best we could find.  We particularly
appreciated the fact that the source code is available to us."

Says Mr. Tatu Vehmas, Sales Manager, from Data Fellows: "F-Secure SSH
leaves no room for security compromises.  Furthermore, it is the only
sensible tool for secure remote systems administration currently available
on the market. We are pleased that Kolumbus Services has chosen our unique
F-Secure SSH package."

The F-Secure SSH Package

F-Secure SSH products are based on the SSH security protocol. The SSH
protocol is an application level protocol with strong public key
authentication and 128-bit encryption.  It guarantees the simultaneous
authentication of both ends of the connection, the secrecy of the
transmitted information, and the integrity of the transmitted data.

F-Secure SSH Terminal provides the user with secure login connections over
untrusted networks.  It acts as a replacement for the telnet protocol.
F-Secure SSH Terminal fully supports VT100 terminal emulation.

F-Secure Tunnel creates a local proxy server for remote TCP/IP services.
The service can be one of the Internet protocols, pop, smtp (used by e-mail
software), http (used by Web browsers), etc., or almost any other TCP/IP
based service.  The local proxy server listens for a socket on the desired
port and forwards the request and data over the secure channel.  It then
instructs the F-Secure SSH Server to make the connection to the specified
service on the remote machine.

In addition to secure terminal connections and TCP/IP connection forwarding, 
F-Secure SSH Server provides tools to replace existing rsh, rlogin, rdist,
and telnet protocols.  These tools enable administrators to carry out all
remote systems administration tasks over secure connections.

About Helsinki Telephone Corporation

Helsinki Telephone Corporation is the largest local, private telephone
company in Finland.  It is one of the cornerstones of the Finnet Group, a
consortium of 46 private local telephone companies. Helsinki Telephone
Corporation has expertise in the entire range of telecom services, from the
fixed network through data services to mobile telephony.  Through the
Finnet Group, Helsinki Telephone Corporation provides services throughout
Finland.  It has also extended its services abroad through co-operative
agreements with leading international operators. 

More information about Helsinki Telephone Corporation can be found at:

More information about Kolumbus Services can be found at:

More information about Finnet can be found at:

About Data Fellows

Data Fellows is one of the world’s leading developers of data security
products with offices in San Jose, California and Espoo, Finland. Its
groundbreaking F-Secure product family is a unique combination of globally
available, strong encryption and revolutionary anti-virus software.  The
integrated F-Secure product range provides a complete security solution for
enterprises, and includes file encryption and IPSec communication
encryption products, VPN gateways, SSH based secure remote management
software, and a full range of anti-virus products to workstations, servers
and gateways.  Data Fellows is also the developer of the award winning
F-PROT Professional anti-virus, now part of the dual scanning engine
concept of F-Secure Anti-Virus.   

Data Fellows is privately owned.  Since it was founded in 1988, its annual
net growth of net sales has been over 80%.  Data Fellows offers a worldwide
network of technical support, training and distribution in over 70 countries. 
Data Fellows belongs to an elite group of companies that have a
triple-A rating from Dun&Bradstreet.

More information about Data Fellows and its products can be found at:

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