Best IDEA implimentation?

Schaerer schaerer at
Fri Apr 10 03:43:06 PDT 1998

A brief scan of FTP sites will result in several different
implimentations of the IDEA algorithm.  Is there any agreement as to the
'best' (Def: easily compiled, syntax that helps prevent dumb errors,
good documentation, relatively quick on most computers, etc)?

If it varies from computer to computer, what would the best
implimentation be for an Intel Pentium running ms-dos/windows95 using
the djgpp c/c++ compiler?

I greatly appreciate any and all help.

- Jim Schaerer

--- Since this is my first post, I suppose I should introduce myself
(since I know you all are just dying to learn about me :-) ).  I am a
high school student from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who has had an interest in
cryptography for the last year-or-so.  Needless to say, I have
absolutely no training in cryptography or advanced mathematics -
everything I know comes from books or essays on the aforementioned
subjects.  When I'm not on my computer, music (Classical) is my
past-time.  My primary instrument is the euphonium (think small tuba
with a mellow sound), which I plan on playing through college and

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