$1,000,000 CypherPunk Challenge

RCMP HateMailer rcmp at dev.null
Fri Apr 10 04:37:48 PDT 1998


	Thanks to the generous contributions of RCMP officers such as
	Constable Beauline, who generously offered to kick in a share
	of the money he extorted at gunpoint from the late TruthMonger
	#1, in the CoalDust Saloon, we are able to offer each of you
	a chance at the Grand Prize for aiding us in securing a
	conviction on any major criminal charge against an individual
	who has sullied the reputation of the Royal Canuckian Mounted
	Police by subjecting us to ridicule for the mountains of
	government resources and funds we have pissed away in our
	unsuccessful attempts to imprison him over the years.

	The sorry, scumbag piece of shit who posts to the CypherPunks
	mailing list under a variety of aliases, including, Toto,
	TruthMonger, Blanc Weber and Sameer, is known to be as big
	a pain in the ass to you irreverent, anarchist CypherPunks
	felons as he is to those of us sworn to Serve and Protect
	the rich and powerful from loudmouthed troublemakers who
	feel no shame in stepping outside the boundaries of our
	subservient middle-class society.
	CSIS, an arm of Canadian law enforcement whose manifest 
	is to find and exploit weaknesses of character in our 
	citizens, in order to encourage them down a path which will 
	allow the judicial system to put enough white people in jail
	to keep a semblance of order amoung the Wagon-Burners who
	belong in the white man's prisons by virtue of their
	birthright, has provided the RCMP with illegally 
	intercepted InterNet communications which lead us to
	believe that most of the CypherPunks are, in reality,
	personally resigned to the fact that Big Brother already
	has the game in the bag, and would recognize the benefit
	of helping us to hammer down, once and for all, in two
	quick 'chops', the 9-inch nail that rises like a Penis
	from the Asses every time we attempt to slap it down.

	Others may make you similar offers to make the $$$ Big
	Bucks $$$, but our offer pays monumentally greater amounts
	of cash than sitting at home licking your own dick...

	To support our efforts to encourage Toto down a path that
	will lead to enough mental and emotional pressure to 
	overcome the beneficial effects of his current medication
	and result in his increasing vulnerability to the violent
	manifestations of his medical disability to the point where
	he finally 'snaps,' and strikes out in a blind rage of 
	senseless violence that will finally allow the Canadian
	Justice system to incarcerate him in a place where his
	presence will not be an affront to normal, decent Canadians
	who are willing to believe that Louis Riel acted alone, as
	long as we allow them to continue to debate endlessly on
	CBC radio on how to end the never-ending debates on CBC
	radio, and finally take some action on what are essentially
	inconsequential matters.

	To continue our efforts to pressure Toto through illegal
	violations of his Charter Rights and to provide those who
	choose to participate in our assault on this particular
	citizen by providing information as to known vulnerabilities
	which can be used to exploit his weaknesses.

	To support and encourage Toto in manifesting, to the fullest
	extent possible, the moral outrage that comes naturally
	from a lifetime of watching growing authoritarian tyranny in
	all aspects of Canadian society.
	To echo and validate the impulsive outbursts of emotional and
	physical violence which is endemic among those with his type
	of medical disability.

	While we continue to harass Toto at every step, seeking to
	criminalize and socially stigmatize him for his values and
	beliefs, you, as a CypherPunk, can encourage him to dwell
	upon the injustices to which he is subjected, in the name of
	While we continue to illegally and arrogantly confiscate his
	property, denying him use of the tools he uses to improve
	his knowledge of his medical condition, and to help maintain
	mental and emotional balance through creative expression and
	physical functionality, you, as a CypherPunk, can make a
	point of reminding him that even if we are forced, at some
	point, to cease our illegal harassment of him, that we have
	endless government resources available that enable us to
	continue harassing him as long as we desire.
	While we continue to pressure Toto to submit to our attempts
	to suppress his right to freedom of expression, you, as a
	CypherPunk, can point out to him the debasement and oppression
	that is involved in submitting to our tyranny.

	The key to living life comfortably, as a Sheeple, lies in
	avoiding undue reflection upon the lies and injustices that
	are part of the daily menu of a government and society
	geared toward the worship and furtherance of money and 
	Defective humans who are incapable of hypnotically ignoring
	the the lies, hypocrisy and injustice around them need to
	be removed from society in order to ensure the efficient
	functioning of the more obedient Sheeple.

	Any CypherPunk who is able to contribute to our efforts to
	the extent that enough pressure is applied to the weak points
	of Toto's medical condition to result in him completely
	snapping and blindly striking out at random against those
	who have no part in his persecution (as opposed to merely
	striking back at those who are violating his human rights)
	will receive a share of any royalties that may result from
	book and movie script sales.
	When encouraging Toto in viewing it as his right and duty to
	launch a mindless, violent assault on the world at large,
	keep in mind that chainsaw massacres have the potential to
	be big money makers in the news and entertainment media 
	industry, and senseless slaughter of innocent children
	is a proven winner in maximizing audience share.

	Remember: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make
	violent revolution a damn profitable business.

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