Shrinks as Narcs for the State

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>Can the priest be prosecuted for not telling the cops about the confession?

 Unless something has radically changed the sanctity of the Catholic 
confessional has never been breeched involuntarily ... i.e.,I do not 
believe that any court has ever successfully compelled a priest to 
divulge what he has heard in the confessional.

  Of course a problem lies in the construction of the question ... its 
easier to want to try to breech the confessional when you speak of a guy 
talking about killing a hundred people as opposed to a guy talking about 
stealing a candy bar. In various ethics discussions on this subject over 
the years it usually seems to comes down to the fact that morally the 
priest is bound to try to do something to stop the carnage without 
divulging what he was told.

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