Monkey Wrench into the works

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> We communicated today about the DCSB luncheon at the Harvard Club and I have
> been looking at some of the e$pam traffic.  I am somewhat amused because our
> company is about to throw a monstrous perturbation into Public-Private Key
> encryption.
> We invite you and everyone on the list (Please send this invitation out to
> them as the info on how to do that didn't come through.) to visit the KeyGen
> webpage, and learn about Automatic Synchronized
> KeyGeneration(TM).  If you think you recognize it as something you have seen
> before, you're close but wrong.
> We are obviously biased, but we feel strongly and so do many others, that
> ASK will solve many of the security problems presently under discussion.  In
> time, it will probably sink Key Management and Certificate Authorities.

It won't change dick all as long as it's got that nice (TM) beside it, which I
assume means it's not source available or open to peer review.  Please, no-one
trust proprietary algs in the arena. <bzzzt> Sorry, try again.

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