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Sat Aug 30 02:42:24 PDT 1997

Kent Crispin writes:

> This is an interesting competition for observers, bystanders, and
> citizens.  If the power structure is flexible, and incorporates
> changes that are viewed favorably by the citizens, then the power
> structure "wins".  But so do the citizens.
> When change doesn't happen, or especially when it goes in a direction
> undesired by the revolutionaries, but liked by the citizens, the
> effort to make current reality look bad intensifies.

Kent's theory OTOH is that any tyranny is fine as long as 51% of the 
citizens favor it.  The rest of us should pipe down and learn to live
with it.
Fortunately the authors of the US constitution didn't agree with this 

>                                                       When change
> irrevocably passes to an unwanted state, and the revolutionaries
> "lose", a residue of Bitter Old Revolutionary Extremists (BOREs)
> results.  These toothless old tigers, clinging to their youthful
> dreams, rage at a reality that passed them by.  Snarling and
> perpetually misunderstood, they wither and waste away, Cheshire cat
> evil grimace postcripts to history. 

Kent's been studying Youngbonics!  Still a ways to go
before he equals the master though.

Looking forward to the BORE wars...
BORE monger

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