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Fri Aug 29 22:50:27 PDT 1997

   Have you ever wanted to contact a celebrity? Ever wanted your favorite
celebrity to send you a personalized autographed picture?  If you have, then
you will need this list.  It is a list of over 5,000 celebrity addresses.
And it is guaranteed that the celebrity you are looking for is on the list,
or you will get your money back!  You can get this complete list of over 
5,000 celebrity addresses for only $5.00.  My list has been used for:

                               Autograph Collecting 
                               Fund raising 
                               Real estate sales 
                               Security system sales 
                               Fan mail/appreciation letters 
                               Birthday cards 
                               Get-well cards 
                               Speaking invitations 

   Included is a document that explains the easiest and fastest ways to get
replies from the celebrity.  A list like this cannot be found for less!
For $10, you can get this list sent to your email address the next day after
receiving your order.  For an extra $2, you can get the list mailed to your
residence on a 3.5" disk.  Here's how to order:

If you want the list emailed to you................ Total = $10.00
If you want the list sent on a 3.5" disk.......... Total = $12.00

Please include your name, address, and be sure to include your email address.

Send checks or money orders to:

Jared Thorp
2141 Glendale Galleria #168
Glendale, CA  91210

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