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Wed Aug 20 06:22:43 PDT 1997

WaJo 8-20-97:

High Tech 'n' Terrorists: Clancy Signs 24-Book Deal

New York - Best-selling author Tom Clancy signed a 
24-paperback deal with a division of Penguin Putnam Inc.
that is expected to be announced today, according to 
people close to the deal.

Berkley Publishing Group is paying an advance of 
approximately $22 million according to these people. 
The series, set in the near future, will include six 
adult and 18 juvenile novels.

Berkley will publish the series, "Tom Clancy's Netforce," 
over the next four to six years. In the books, the 
Internet and virtual reality have melded so that people 
spend most of their time on-line. The technology proves 
irresistible to terrorists and anticomputer zealots, who
are pursued by the Netforce.

The agreement comes on the heels of another deal Mr. 
Clancy recently made with Penguin, a unit of London media
company Pearson PLC. Pearson this month announced a 
long-term agreement with Red Storm Entertainment
Inc., a media-entertainment company founded by Mr. 
Clancy and Virtus Corp., an interactive-applications 
concern. Under that agreement, Penguin, along with
other Pearson subsidiaries, will join Red Storm to 
market multiplayer on-line games and other multimedia 

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