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Fri Aug 29 04:47:03 PDT 1997

29 August 1997, C4I News:

A key member of the House National Security Committee (HNSC) said 
that a bill loosening export controls on U.S. encryption technology 
is "dead on arrival." HNSC has until September 12 to issue
recommendations on the bill.

"I'm not going to support something being ramrodded down our throats," 
Rep.Curt Weldon said in a recent telephone interview. 

Weldon said Goodlatte's bill will not reach the House floor because of 
Rep. Solomon's opposition. 

Unlike NSA, Weldon is unsure whether "key recovery" is an answer to 
the security issue posed by loosening export restrictions on encryption. 
"I don't like the idea of government controlling business," Weldon said. 


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