DigiCash issuers

Zooko Journeyman zooko at xs4all.nl
Fri Aug 29 03:36:09 PDT 1997

Feanor wrote:
>There might be other reasons for this:  have you looked at their _fees_???
>Holy crap!  That's the only reason I don't have an account.  They're charging
>top dollar for every aspect of a system that has it's only overhead in
>amounts of CPU time.

You might be a bit behind the times on this issue.  Recently 
MTB announced new lower fees: http://www.marktwain.com/fee.html

Are these the ones you consider excessive?

Note that if you consider the new fees to be reasonable, then 
you are now obliged to open account as per your publically 
posted exclamation quoted above.  :-)

Also check out Advance Bank in Australia:


I anticipate continually cheaper ecash fees as banks start to 
compete for selective, price-conscious customers like Feanor 
here.  :-)



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