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Wed Aug 27 20:53:53 PDT 1997

Dear Fellow Webmasters,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the highest paying and most diversified Click Through Program on the web for Adult Webmasters, simply named "Serge Cash".


This is the real deal.  No more NO NAME site Click Throughs Programs with low visitor to click ratios by fly by night companies.  Get signed up with such International Adult Magazines such as Playgirl, High Society, Climax ..etc.

Compare for yourself !

Here is a list of our current programs and their payouts: 

** You choose how you want to be paid! RAW Clicks or UNIQUE Clicks ? **

Available Programs     Payout Per Raw Click             Payout Per Unique Click        
PINK BITS                                $.02875 (2.875 Cents)       $.055 (5.5 Cents) 
PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE            $.0325                                $.055
HIGH SOCIETY MAGAZINE    $.02875                              $.055
CLIMAX MAGAZINE                $.02875                               $.055
AMATEUR AVENUE                $.02875                              $.055
XXSEX                                      $.02875                              $.055
ASS                                           $.02875                              $.055
SEXY CLIPS                             $.02875                              $.055

We also pay our advertisers every two weeks and our minimum check amount is only 10.00.

Give us a try for two weeks and see for yourself.  Make sure our check arrives, and see 
how much more it is compared to your current sponsors.

Complete information and Online Signup to get you started right away at:


Tim Goyetche
Representing Serge's Cash

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