Snuffle '97 Released / Re: Reuter on Bernstein Ruling

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Wed Aug 27 22:35:09 PDT 1997

Mike Duvos wrote:
> > Patel also issued a permanent injunction barring the government
> > from enforcing the regulations against plaintiff Daniel Bernstein or anyone
> > who sought to use, discuss or publish his encryption program.

> Now that Snuffle has been around for a while, it's obviously time for
> an upgrade.  Might I suggest "Snuffle '95" with the DES, 3DES, RC5,
> and IDEA options.

  I just uploaded "Snuffle '97" to The new version includes
source code for PGP 5.0, a JPEG of Hillary Clinton in the nude, and the
predicted date of death for the lawyer who files the government appeal
in the Bernstein case.
  Saddam Hussein liked "Snuffle '97" so much, he bought the company!


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