Need this? Why not?

Alec McCrackin camcc at
Tue Aug 26 14:57:58 PDT 1997

Request-Remailing-To: <aba at>


Quoted from PGP Users mail:

Check on the pgp-users web page 
( for information on all types of remailers, both 
under pgp-links and remailer-info.

BTW did you see that shit-for-brains Toto has been posting (intentionally?) misinformation on the "CC: Trojan" effort. I seen he has dragged you into the light--going so far as to suggest you be fucked to death by his succubus crytotart. He screwed up and posted a message to me to the list!

He claims to be "field testing" the CC: machine and rerouting mail. Too much booze in my opinion.

"Bad, mad, and dangerous to know."



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