CYPHERPUNKS PARTY -- invite to party in DC on September 6

Declan McCullagh declan at
Tue Aug 26 14:19:38 PDT 1997

You are cordially invited to a DC cypherpunk working meeting and
patent expiration party on September 6.

On Saturday, September 6, the patent on the Diffie-Hellman public
key cryptography system expires. Along with the Merkle-Hellman
patent (which expires on October 6), this patent is key to the
future of public key crypto. Now programmers can write strong
encryption software without worrying about patent licensing.

But the expiration of the patents doesn't guarantee the future of
strong cryptography. Proposed laws could restrict its use. So the
party has two portions:

-- 5:30 pm: a DCCP working party and potluck supper. Topics include
discussion of the patents and regulation of cryptography. Guest
speakers will discuss legislation in Congress and the Bernstein case.
A speaker from the administration will provide a regulator's
perspective. (Please contribute to the potluck dinner!) 

-- 8:00 pm: a post-meeting party to celebrate the expiration of the
patents. (Please bring snack foods and beverages/drinks...)

To RSVP, and for directions and details, e-mail Declan at
declan at with DCCP-DH in your Subject: line. The party will
be held in Adams Morgan in Washington, DC.


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