Economics Quest

Anonymous anon at
Mon Aug 25 19:53:41 PDT 1997

Andrew at wrote:
> Hi, My name is Andrew, I'm 15, I live in the UK and I'm studing economics
> at standard grade level. Can you please spare a few minutes of your valuable
> time to answer my questionaire @
> I have constructed it as part of my standard grade course work, so I'm relying on
> your co-operation! ;-)

  I wouldn't worry too much about getting good grades in your standard
grade economics class. After all, your questionaire looks so much like
a professionally produced one that I am sure you don't need my help
to pass your class.
  However, I will answer your questions, just the same.
  In which country do you live?  # The one outside of the city.

  How long have you had access to the
  Internet?  # I logged on about ten minutes ago.

  Are you influenced by online advertisement?
                                          No Yes # Yo!
  What age are you?  # Age of Aquarius.

  Please specify your income range  # $ 0.00 --> $ 0.37

  Have you ever purchased a service over the
                                          No Yes  # Nes!
  Have you ever purchased a good over the
                                          No Yes  # Yoe!
  If so Please specify the average price range
  of the good(s) you have bought over the
  Internet   # $ 1,347,879,992.17

  How often do you buy goods over the
  Internet?   # Never always.

Do you have any security worries about
  purchasing a good over the Internet?
                                          No Yes  # Why do you ask?

  Which of the following items do you find
  most important when buying goods over the
                                          Delivery time
                                          Quality of service 
                                    #  X  Free XXXX Pictures

  what type of good/service would you be willing to actually buy via the
     Computer Software Computer Hardware Household Durables Office
     Stocks/Mutual Funds/Bonds Airline Tickets Catalog Goods Boutique
     Household Bills Shipping Special Internet Services Music/Video
     Other  # MLM Opportunities

  What is the biggest limiting factor stopping
  you from buying more on the Internet?
                                           Delivery time  Goods offered
                                           cost of delivery  Security
                                        other, please state  
                                           # Imprisonment for fraud.

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