Anybody with a Ricochet willing to Visit?

Tim May tcmay at
Mon Aug 25 17:01:51 PDT 1997

This is mostly directed at Bay Areans.

Anybody with a Metricom Ricochet modem willing to stop by my place in
Corralitos and help me determine if I can get some kind of coverage in my

(Yes, I know about the coverage maps at and such....the
coverage is show extending as far down the coast as parts of Aptos, but
ending before my area, which is about 7 miles, over a ridge, from Aptos.
East of Santa Cruz.)

At a recent party in Boulder Creek, I saw folks getting coverage by moving
their laptops around, and BC is not on the official coverage map. So what
I'd like to do is see if my area can actually get reasonable signal.

I'll provide the beer....

(I may have another Cypherpunks party at my place in September or October,
but I'm more leery now of issuing an open invitation than I have been in
the past. A lot of odd people read the list. And I'd hate to have any Feds
see the invitation and then show up....never know what they might see or
hear at a party, or what gifts they might leave behind, like bugs or dope.
So if I have another party, it may not be an "open to all who see the
invitation" one, and may have to be limited to those I have actually met.)

Meanwhile, I'm interested in Ricochet coverage in my area. Contact me if
you have a Ricochet on your laptop and if you are interested in visiting.

--Tim May

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