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>>>>> Jim Choate writes:

JC> And any soldier who fires on Americans is clearly going against
JC> prima facia evidence that the framers intended for American
JC> military force to NEVER be used against American citizens on
JC> American soil.

	Being a Pennsylvania native, I refer you to the 'Whiskey
Rebellion', 1791-4, western Pennsylvania.  Mr Washington, one of those
framers, sent American troops (militia, under federal control) against
American citizens on American soil.  And I don't recall Mr Washington
being impeached for violating the Constitution (although Jefferson did
resign as Secretary of State, in part, over this).  A page with some
discussion of this is <>,
but I think it's too optimistic on one point.  It says that without
the 'Rebellion' "the government of today might be the aristocratic
monarchy that Hamilton and the Federalists tried so hard to install".
It may have delayed it, but our government certainly seems to rule
based on the Divine Right of Bureaucrats.

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