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> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 19:24:51 -0700
> From: Tim May <tcmay at>
> Subject: Re: Inside the Cypherpunks Cult

> On the subject of cults, neither do cult leaders sit on panels at the
> Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference and mingle with the leading
> lawyers, law professors, NSA employees, and Justice Department
> representatives.

Never heard of the Pope then...

or Reverend Moon perhaps?

Or Mother Teresa...

Or perhaps the crazy guy from Oklahoma or Kansas or wherever who sat with
Bush during the final moments of his first election. I believe he was also
there when Desert Storm was launched. Has a big university named after
him. Oh Jesus, just can't think of his name...

Cults of personality are a function of being human, not what that human does
with their time.

You are confusing cause and effect.

> Where we differ is that first, I don't worry overmuch about what some
> foreigners are doing to other foreigners. I take George Washington at his
> word: avoid foreign entanglements. Not America's business if the Hutus are
> killing the Tutsis, or vice versa, or if the Nazis are killing the Jews, or
> vice versa.

And, yet, at the same time he had no compunction at all against buying arms
and influence from France...

Are any of them American Jews?...

Remember one thing oh Great Bawana Hunter May...

He who stands alone, dies alone.

What I would like to see is our favorite TLA jack-booted thugs to surround
some poor compound and then find themselves surrounded by thousands of
pissed-off gun-toting Americans daring the chicken-shits to do anything
about it. Any TLA clown that doesn't put their guns down immediately clearly
doesn't make much of the oath they swore to uphold the Constitution. And any
soldier who fires on Americans is clearly going against prima facia evidence
that the framers intended for American military force to NEVER be used
against American citizens on American soil. The soldier who killed the kid
down in the valley and got off scott free should face charges of treason.
So should his commanders all the way to ole Billary.

Consider, the law recognizes a parents right to sue an amusement park
because some incidental activity led to emotional distress what prevents us
from sueing the federal government for various criminal and civil penalties
relating to the physical and emotional suffering their actions have caused.
Hell, file a suite in the name of all Americans...

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