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>The United States has a lot of redistribution of wealth and a lot of

This is one of the problems of socialism.

When you have a group in society that never has to earn what they have
they tend to have little respect for the property of others.

A prime example is the welfair class in America. All their basic needs are
provided for by the State (food, housing, medical, education, ...) and yet
they have the highest crime rates. And make no mistake this isn't 18th
century England where people are stealing a loaf of bread to survive the
majority of these criminal are commiting their crimes to support their

Eliminate the Welfair state and allow people to defend their persons &
property without fear of retribution from the state and you will see a
dramatic decline in the crime rates in this country.

Somthing is seriously wrong when a home owner is more afraid of the
consequences of defending his home than his is from the criminals
attacking it.

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