An end to "court appointed attorneys"

Neva Remailer nobody at
Wed Aug 20 21:20:43 PDT 1997

frissell at wrote:

> Jury nullification and aggressive attacks on the judge and the prosecutor are
> just a few of the defense strategies that a lawyer won't indulge in but a
> client proceeding in pro per is free to use.
> "I respectfully request that your Honor recuse yourself because you have a
> financial interest in the outcome of these proceedings.  Your salary is paid
> from tax monies and if my arguments on the tax system are accepted, your
> income will be cut off.  I request appointment of a judge who does not
> receive payment from taxation."

Things Judges Love To Hear #328:
  "If you're going to be deciding my fate, would you mind peeing into
this cup for me? Nothing personal, you understand."


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