An end to "court appointed attorneys"

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Wed Aug 20 23:12:37 PDT 1997

Tim May wrote:
> At 1:16 PM -0700 8/20/97, Patrick Oonk wrote:
> >I am glad I live in the Netherlands, where there's at least of bit
> >of social consciousness left.

> think of it as
> evolution in action.
> Besides, in about 6.7 years, the world will have replaced them. People are
> like Doritos...the world will make more.

  Doritos, broken eggs and spilled milk are the key in-greed-ients
for Huevos Capitalist. (No onions, because of the spilled milk.)

  Poached eggs are the key in-thieve-ient for Huevos Socialist.
(No garlic, because blood-suckers are allergic to it.)

  (When people ask me what I brought to a pot-luck dinner, I tell
them I brought a pig's stomach.)


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