Canarypunk: Jim Bell in a coalmine

John Young jya at
Sun Aug 17 17:56:21 PDT 1997

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Treasury/IRS 60.001

System name:

   Assault and Threat Investigation Files, Inspection--Treasury/IRS.

System location:

   Office of the Chief Inspector, National Office; Regional Inspectors'
  Offices; as well as offices of the District Directors. (See IRS
  appendix A for addresses.)

Categories of individuals covered by the system:

   Individuals attempting to interfere with the administration of
  Internal Revenue laws through threats, assaults or forcible
  interference of any officer or employee while discharging the official
  duties of his position, or individuals classified as potentially
  dangerous taxpayers, based on verifiable evidence or information that
  fit the following criteria: (1) Taxpayers who physically assault an
  employee; (2) taxpayers who have on hand a deadly or dangerous weapon
  when meeting with an employee and it is apparent their purpose is to
  intimidate the employee; (3) taxpayers who make specific threats to do
  bodily harm to an employee; (4) taxpayers who use animals to threaten
  or intimidate an employee; (5) taxpayers who have committed the acts
  set forth in any of the above criteria (1) through (4), but whose acts
  have been directed against employees of other governmental agencies at
  Federal, state, county, or local levels; (6) taxpayers who are not
  classifiable as potentially dangerous through application of the above
  criteria (1) through (5), but who have demonstrated a clear propensity
  toward violence through acts of violent behavior to a serious and
  extreme degree within the five (5) year period immediately preceding
  the time of classification as potentially dangerous; and (7) persons
  who are active members in chapters of tax protest groups that advocate
  violence against IRS employees.


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